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What is Andrology?


The Clinical Science of Andrology deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of:

Male fertility diagnostics and therapy


Including but not limited to: subfertility diagnostics; and early therapeutic interventions to improve healthy live birth outcome; clinical advice for patients considering fertility treatment; preparation and selection of sperm for use in fertility treatment, use of donated sperm.


Male contraception and family planning

Including but not limited to: male contraception; Post- vasectomy and post-vasectomy reversal semen analysis


Sperm banking and fertility preservation

Including surgical sperm retrieval including following traumatic testicular injury; sperm banking where fertility is threatened; preparation and selection of sperm for use in fertility treatment


Paternally heritable disease

Including potential and definite risks to offspring from lifestyle, disease or therapeutic interventions


Male sexual dysfunctions

Including erectile dysfunction, disturbances of desire, arousal, ejaculatory and orgasmic dysfunctions);


Male endocrine dysfunctions

Including disorders of sexual development; hypogonadism; male ageing and other conditions from puberty to senescence.


Gamete donation

Including detailed screening and familiarity with ethical and social issues


Gender reassignment

Including issues around gamete storage and future use;


Genital tract pathologies

Including infections and inflammations or cancers relating specifically tothe male


Prevention of transmission of blood-borne viruses

Including fertility treatment for serodiscordant/concordant couples for HIV, Hep B and Hep C.


Research and Development

Service development and evolution activities across the entire portfolio above and in new areas as applicable

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